Student Council

The student council is the governing body representing and advocating students’ interests, ideas, contributions and concerns. The Council is guided by and shares the Institute’s objectives and core purpose, which advocates promoting education to transform the social fabric of the country. The Council promotes the principle of democracy through free and fair elections which are held annually.

The Student Council for the academic year 2016/2017 are as follows:

The Council

Minorva Toppin Grant

Vice President
Anthony Forbes

Tishonna Daniel

Orchid Linton Providence

Activity Chairperson
Kristoff Mc Burnie





The President shall:

  1. Serve as the Chairperson of the Student Council at all meetings;
  2. Provide the executive with leadership and a structure for conducting business;
  3. Work with the members of the Student Council to determine the goals, objectives and programme of work for the local student guild;
  4. Represent the local student guild at the Executive Council and the Student Government Committee;
  5. Have the authority to call regular, special and emergency meetings of the student council and local student guild;
  6. Submit an annual report on the activities of the student guild to the Coordinator- Student Life;
  7. Provide representation for the student body at function or seminars both on and off campus;
  8. Help maintain discipline within the student body alerting the Coordinator- Student Life of any tension or issues that may arise;
  9. Ensure the rest of the Executive carries out their assigned duties;



The Vice- President shall

  1. Assist the President
  2. Assume responsibilities of the president should the president  be unable to complete his/ her term for any reason
  3. Represent the Student body in the absence of the president
  4. Be an ex- officio member of all Registered Student Organization (RSO’s)
  5. Perform any other function assign to him/ her


The Secretary shall:

  • *  Be responsible for recording information at all meetings of the student council,
  •     as well as general meetings and emergency meetings. The duties include:
  1. Planning and setting the meeting agendas with the student council;
  2. Recording and filing of minutes at all meeting of the student council;
  3. Preparation of official and non-official reports for presentation to the student council and administration of the institute.
  4. Vetting of documents to be sent out to staff, students or externally.
  5. Shall be responsible for the dissemination of information within the Executive.
  6. Perform any other function assign to him/ her



The Treasurer shall:

  1. Have specific responsibility for the financial management of the affairs of the student council which will include adhering to preeminent practices;
  2. Be responsible for conducting an annual inventory and ensuring that an internal audit of the financial operations of the student council is undertaken;
  3. Be responsible for the preparation of financial records and its presentation to the student council and executive council;
  4. Be responsible for the preparation of the student council’s annual budget and its presentation to the member for approval, accordance with the student government master budget from the student governance committee;
  5. Submit an annual report of expenditure and income to the office of the director, student development;
  6. Be responsible for ensuring the solvency of all RSOs under the student council’s purview;
  7. Be the sole signatory for approval of all expenditures to be incurred by the student council.


The Public Relation Officer shall:

  1. Promote the activities of the student council through various media within the parameters of the Institute rules and regulation
  2. Advise the student council on communication issues and strategies;
  3. Respond to enquiries from the students and administration;
  4. Write, edit, and arrange the production of any communication items deemed necessary by the student council, including, but not limited to, newsletters, in-house magazines, pamphlets and brochures and web-sites within the provisions of the institute guidelines governing publication;
  5. Assist in the production of student council documents such as annual reports.
  6. Perform any other function assign to him/ her



The Activity Chairperson shall:

  1. Promote sporting activities and extra- curricular activities for the student population;
  2. Coordinate and organize events for the student population;
  3. Coordinates all student related activities and functions;
  4. Promotes, organizes, schedules, and supervises student intramural/recreational programs;
  5. Promotes and supports campus clubs and organizations;
  6. Coordinates campus volunteer programs; maintains accurate records of all volunteer;
  7. Maintains and regularly publishes an up to date calendar of activities and events that is made readily available to THTI students.
  8. Perform any other function that is assign to him/ her.


Committee Members shall:

  1. Work as part of the team
  2. Perform any function that is assign to him/ her
  3. Lend support to all council member



This initiative is geared towards partnering with potential employers to provide part time employment during the semester on and/or off campus based on the availability of jobs.  Application forms are available at the Office during the early part of each Semester. All students of the institute are eligible for semester employment.